Friday, September 21, 2012

Mailing stuff and a bit overwhelmed

Next week and This week been mailing stuff , i can't wait for my clients and some of my friends to get their stuff. i always give goodies to loyal customers. Mailed Amber's  Bday preset also two pieces of jeweley that are my main goal to extra promote, specially during this month and next (HELLO halloween!!), New merchandise is up for sale ,Happy Friday!

(clothing, Jewelry and accesories)


Thursday, September 13, 2012


Yes, even though people thinks that everyday is Halloween for me, i take very serious the month of  Otober not only because the festivities but the weather, season, the nature  everything is changing!... working on small halloween themed stuff, earrings, necklaces and making two different styles of corset tops that of course are made to order, i don't want to make a whole bunch of corsets that i don't know if are going to sell or not. Working on a beautiful vest as well. i wanna build the back with a corset- like ''effect'  the front part? i'm still working on the design. is really hard since every single thing has been done, but i will get through it.

During October i'll be selling Frankenstein necklaces, they are going to be awesome. i made the perfect setting for these pieces, i think they will be a hot seller. also the SPOOKY necklaces are coming, They are more simple, and you can definitely wear them after and during Halloween

Monday, September 10, 2012

The reason why i am only keeping a very few items on Etsy.

Last week a Pretty Spooky facebook fan asked me why i wasn't selling on Etsy many of the items that i offer through my Web-Store and Facebook Fan page. Not the reason i want to be more specific and say The reason(s).  When i first opened my Etsy account i didn't have a clue on how the whole thing worked and how the community was. Too many sellers, although  i have seen really talented people through Etsy from clothing makers/designers, painters, carpenters,etc but what amused me the most was the fact that people with no ability to create a product (only ''DIY'' items, easy DIY stuff that even a 5 year old kid can do in a craft project) at times are selling more than Folks with real talent and let's mention hard work. Once i bought a small cookie mold for my mom (mind you the seller didn't make the mold she just reproduced a copy of it) and when i read her business card that she had attached to the receipt, under her name she called herself a ''DESIGNER'' . I believe the word Designer is being taken slighty, is almost disrespectful to those who can DESIGN AND EXECUTE their idea. heck if that was the case (again) a 5 years old can be a designer too, just ask a little girl what's your dream dress?, tell me or draw it for me, she will  draw you a dress!. Second  Reason : too many of the same items why? because people are constanly  trying to copy everything they think is ''cool'' or is going to make them a quick buck.  and Third the prices! i have seen people selling pencils that  they just poke a hole through and add a piece of chain MAGIC! a necklace, the price? $40.00 dollars!! are you serious? i charge $40.00 dollars for a short corset top  that in fact i didn't DIY it. I ACTUALLY MADE IT and i CAN called it mine,  if i didn't make those corsets and i only DIY them i should NOT be saying that i made it  because that's just plain wrong, claiming that you did something that someone else made. in fact i have an area in my store that is called ready to wear and around the world Jewelry and i always explain i didn't make these that's why is called Ready to Wear/Around the World, i could never ever take credit for something i didn't make. When you buy a product from me that i've say that i made it, i guarantee you 100% that is made by truly yours, i even post photos of the progress of each garment/piece of clothing i am making.


 Alas Customers will see (like i mention above) 5 or 6 items on Etsy just for the sake of marketing my company, The fact that i'm not selling as much items on Etsy doesn't mean that i quit; my company will be even bigger that's my goal. This week making halloween themed corset tops, Hello Kitty, etc. Trying to order more fabric to finish more jackets ideas i have sketched a while ago. Oh it felt good venting!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday ''bliss''

Tired, worked ALL week long non stop until today with corsets, shrugs, jackets, etc. tomorrow im back at working on jewelry and halloween corset tops. Here is a photo

Part of  the new collection, short jacket made by Pretty Spooky, Yes they are  UP For sale,  client has the option to customize their own ( color, size, studs, spikes; you name it). contact us for more details , Thanks Folks:

Christian Death - the Drowning

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Photo Update

Working on the short jackets, Shrugs and new Jewelry.  oh!! i'll be making corset chockers (like the one Amber is wearing (same one to the right):

More updates:

This one (below) was made to order for a client in Australia, Anyone interested just contact me through my web-store and go to the corset area, prices? all depends on what you want, the materials, etc.
Now (i've mentioned this before on my last blog update) i'm accepting payment installments (which is great for customers if they need it when a price is over $50.00 and up), for all that information again contact me dolls.

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Hello world! Still working on some many projects, today hopefully i'll finish a clients corset and this one is going to be the first one having my own clothing label attached to it, i feel extremenly excited.

Number One:
This is one of the projects im working on. it has a lot of positive feedback even though im not done. i'll post more nformation as soon as im done.
Number Two:
Shrugs and Short Jackets, working on a series of Shrugs and shorts jackets. This one is slighty more ''Plain Looking'' in the sense that the other ones i'm going to be making will have Zombies, Skulls, Batz, etc designs in the back with some lace as well.
I'm planning on giving customers the chance to work with payment installments Since i know some of them want a product badly but they can't just simply afford to pay for it right away. I will explain more next time i update my website because this only will work on Pretty Spooky Label items that cost from $50.00 dollars and up.
Bought These beautiful like Ridiculously  gorgeous Swarovski crystal Beads (pricey but worthy):

I Really Love these. To be able to combine these with my Jewelry creations makes me a happy Girl.
Here i've attached a photo of my clothing labels:
oh and go and Visit my Web-store. good prices and very pretty stuff, slected by truly yours, stop buying poorly ''made'' stuff by bored people
Previews new stuff and Soon:

Just Visit my Web-Store , all Jewelry is Free Shipping. (i carry handmade by me and others.)