Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A new business adventure and just a small update

My mother and I are starting a new business. Not only we will supply people  with materials for their crafts and small businesses but we are gonna be offering services creating souvenirs, centerpieces and handmade decorations for different kinds of activities such as weddings, sweet sixteen's, quincea~os, baby showers, etc. i'm pretty excited!.... isn't gonna be easy but not impossible.

Not loving this month all these appoinments, payments, lack of sleep i  feel terrible by saying this but i can't wait until this month is completely over. as for Pretty Spooky : website is done but until i don't receive my ready to wear shipment i can't launch it. It is safe to say that by August is gonna be up and running.

Anyhow .................what's the point of blogging? i'm getting a bit bored since i don't even know if  anybody is reading this, oh well that's all for today