Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Busy with school, client's wedding (bridemaids) dresses BUT

                                              One of the bridesmaids dresses of my client

The Ouija Corset shooting, Model: Lacrishia Garver and  Photographer: Larry Green.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

New Items Etsy. Like-Share-fav-or buy lol

Handmade by truly yours, perfect size. Hand- painted and exclusive from Gloomy and Pretty Spooky. The chain comes with two Czech Crystal Beads that matches the purple theme and I must say they are beautiful and sparkly

Oh! Last but not least This piece can be customized as well the chain. Message me for more information. FREE shipping (USA/PR ONLY) and Free Gift everyone. Where to Buy? HERE!
Mini Decorative Apron. This Apron is perfect to decorate your kitchen liquid dish soap bottle!, just as shown, Custom Vampira fabric, lace and Crystals(real ones), if interested/questions just contact me:) Where to buy it? HERE!

Preview of the new pendants of the sugar skull lady edition:

In addition i have a new area on my web-site http://www.myprettyspooky.com called gifts under $15.00 new pendants and other stuff on my web-store will be added there soon so check it out. Here some new listings:

 So keep an eye on my items , follow  the fan page, Etsy or check out this blog. Today Starting working with the bridesmaids dresses, school starts Monday so I'll be a busy bee. and if you follow me already and like my work make sure you get all my updates. Happy Thursday                       

Saturday, April 26, 2014


Just to update with some of my newest/still in progress work. Excited to be back in school hopefully at the end I'll graduate and become a mortician. always follow yours dreams at the end they will take you somewhere -what you want or what you didn't expect- But it will be worthy.

Anyhow bridesmaids dresses too for a wedding of a previous client, they will be very similar to this dress( I finished over a week ago) However theirs will be colors Purple/and Zebra print with a sweet-heart shape bodice and a belt with a bow to the side

    Working on some matching outfits/accessories for the zombie corset shooting, working on some mother's day cute stuff for sale, jewelry and a few other projects here is a preview:

Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday just to share

Vampira Coin-Make up purse I did yesterday for my sis and bestie Wendy

To check out more of my stuff/ or to just contact me (bussiness related) 




 Gloomy Sunday is part of Pretty Spooky, why? what's the difference?

Well i like to make stuff for everyone, some folks were not very ''attracted''
  to the name Pretty Spooky, hey i understand, not everyone like that ''atmosphere'' so Gloomy Sunday is for everyone, less skulls/spooky stuff is more nature/ocean, etc.


Monday, April 7, 2014

Gloomy Sunday New Items

oh please follow my store/fan pages! and my new blog

Anyhow I worked really hard making lots of ''things'' in the past few weeks but i get quite stressy when it comes the time to upload it because i don't know where to start.

If you are reading this share it. help handmade artists. thank you.

check out Gloomy Sunday:


Thursday, March 13, 2014

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New Listings:

                                        Vampira's Corset Top Renaissance Inspired

                                       Red Skull Vest - Suspenders Vest- Under-bust Vest belt

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Working With a lot with projects before summer school start :)

find here etsy here:


Also here:


The difference?? I have more items listed over http://www.zibbet.com/GloomySunday than Etsy, user friendly and completely handmade. and there is my web-store too! yes Gloomy Sunday is part of Pretty Spooky.
oh so here the projects i have done and the ones I'm still working on

Monday, February 10, 2014

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The Bride of Frankenstein OR Frankenstein! $21.00 and 10% off (CODE: GLOOMY) !only during this month and free shipping.SHOP HERE :)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


               First I want to wish a Happy New year to anyone reading my blog.

Etsy Store is Closed Maybe that will work out next time for Pretty Spooky. There is a few reasons why I chose to do so biggest one is I have a beautiful web-site that I am paying monthly fee for it, Second I hardly ever get a random customer through Etsy search, I believe 95% of my sales come from my fan-page and thanks to many of friends that have shared and promoted my business as well.
However I'm opening a new shop sometime this month for jewelry only (clothing/accessories you have to visit my official web-store) with new name that targets everyone.

New Shopping Cart, Even though I have a cart set up through Paypal I'm having some issues
1- Some customers are ''scared'' of Paypal 
2- I'm a bit tired of explaining that a Paypal account is not necessary to pay through Paypal is just like any regular cart and 100% safe.
3-Even though is great, I cannot customized the way I want to unless I pay more, why? not having too much benefit from it so new cart is coming soon (yes Paypal will still available too)

Concentrating a lot on my vests, corsets/bustiers/tops and jackets.  Maybe  a dress, a skirt ''here and there'', But I have come to realize the time, the money and the people that won't respect/understand that. As for ready to wear clothing (Not my label) always will get cool and new stuff.

To my customers Thank you so Much you Rock :). I would really appreciate if there is any problem or you are not satisfied with a product please CONTACT ME, don't try to leave me bad reviews/ nor less than 5 stars because I care and one of my priorities is to make my customers happy and satisfied so always contact me and I'll do what I can to make it right (I promise). Also follow the directions (of care) of some outfits, and if for some reason I haven't listed the measurements, contact me and I'll be more than happy to provide you with the right numbers in that way you know if it fits or not.:)

oh Ebay I'm so done with you!. Listed a top for $0.99 the starting price bid, ended up selling in $5.00 dollars not only Ebay/Paypal have a bad rule for sellers where sometimes (if you are a new seller or they think your transaction is not ''secure'', etc.) they will hold your money up to 21 days but also the shipping to send the item. so the top went for $5.00 dollars and I didn't even get them neither the shipping that came out of my pocket. NO MORE EBAY.

ANYWAYS, :) i'll be back to write more updates very soon

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