Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sometimes People Don't want to be the Buyer But..

Sometimes People Don't want to be the Buyer But ''The seller and Creator'', that becomes a problem when way too many people get the same idea stuck to their heads. Is upsetting i'm not gonna sit in here and deny it, that's the reason why i'm writing this because i have been very upset for a while about it but last night as i was looking at some flyer of some activity (on facebook) and that is when i came across with some pages of ''Jewelry makers'' that raised my eyebrow even more. i Don't want to belong to a circle that sells the same crap (yes i said Crap). that being said all these pieces where i used these skulls ''cabochons'' are only gonna be sold by request, NOT making more pieces using those because i've noticed the pletoria of people using them.  Anyhow Next week i'm going to start sculpting pieces (originals -only me is gonna have those- so keep an eye.). I have no idea where people get to copy each other(aside from etsy) but is annoying and to me even more because i have a steady business (i'm not a girl ''making crafts'' out of boredom). For now im keeping my old styles. I have amazing ideas to be made come true soon. i'm concentrating a lot in the corsets, victorian necklaces, corset necklaces as well other cool stuff coming soon.

And People Please ''you don't need a bite of each piece of cake'', for once be a buyer!.. and yes i did not know the amount of people selling these cabochons, i feel kind of guilty knowing that i used those in a few pieces.  However if a customer still want a piece of jewely using those, well that becomes a request and i gladly do it, at this point i'm only selling those that are already made. Now i feel forced to be even more creative and i accept the challenge!.

Other News:

                                        Here is a preview of Pretty Spooky new Banner.

Models:Delsy  and Amber Cobelle
Photographers: Jason Lee and Amber Cobelle

The website will oficially launch on August First.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday and catching up

Here is a preview of my web-site: The model is my Dear Friend Amber Cobelle (she also took the photo of the heart chocker below -Waltz into Dust - Check it out she is an amazing artist)

Got some new merchandise Ready to wear, since my web-store consist from Handmade to Ready to Wear, let's say you can find a little bit of  everything. Last thing i need to do is to work with ZEN CART because i want the shopping cart/invoices to be pretty organized and more professional looking.

anyhow so that's been taken care of.  and last but not least this is an Update on my tattoo Here is part of the new piece i added to my half sleeve ( the photo was taken by the tattoo artist Daniel Gray)

Daniel is amazing as well the guys at the shop , again is you live in Cincinnati i highly recommend them : White Crane Tattoo. Next im adding one more rose and fixing the bubbles, more colors and who knows? stomach is next

Happy Friday everyone