Sunday, October 9, 2011

working extra hard

Finally im working on the corset-dress mock up. im working extra hard on this project because is a really cool idea; i love corset dresses. The client is really happy and i won't disappoint. im using some green and blue fabric i had to create this mock-up. the original one is going to be black. well im tired i'll post pictures with updates starting on monday


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

just a thought.

I strongly believe  that is not good when someone is avoiding a subject and goes MIA for a while. i find it very silly not to reply to an e-mail  to dodge a question. losing your friends over an answer. like Charlie Sheen said: ''BRING IT!'' haha!!

Ps- whenever someone does the dodging question to me, i just keep asking.

and now a picture totally unrelated to the subject :

sold out but i have other colors

Got a new necklace that was supossed to go for sale today but it got sold out way before it hit my web-store. i don't have these colors of beads at this time maybe in a month, so if anybody is interested contact me. (i do have blue, white and green.)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Updates and random bliss

Hopefully i'll get the pattern done by tomorrow (im half way done), i have too many things  to do yet im so far behind but i have to work on paid projects first. Im  dying to see how this corset-dress is gonna looks like , i need to talk to my client to plan about color, details and other stuff she wants.  my best advice (always) is that if you want a corset that you want to use frequently your color should be black; you can't go wrong with black.

anyhow still working on the website, it's almost done. remember folks i have to do EVERYTHING from photography, art, design, sewing, jewelry making, glass work, pattern, drafting, etc i got a lot on my plate friends, you guys have no idea. Let's don't forget School, and my son (he is handful!).

Although i have been super busy,  i do check my e-mail (at least once a day business reasons mostly) and i got this e-mail let me know that Zak Bagans from my favorite Paranormal show Ghost Adventures has a book! im so buying it, everybody knows im very deep into the Paranormal Phenomena,  oh let me just upload the cover ... i love these guys, now im also watching the tv show The Dead Files (decent show)---------------->

oh i had to mention this, i let everyone know that  i have no time to send e-mails, chats, facebook/yahoo talking (typing) and my iphone won't stop ringing (off the hook). I won't be able to do any kind of networking nor having a social ''life'' until tuesday(earliest) why? the reason is my lack of concentration and if i stop working on something is really hard to go back to the same state of mind sometimes i give up for the day(not good), that being said im keeping my full attention on my work. anyhow im going to get some sleep tomorrow is monday!