Monday, January 31, 2011

Saturday, January 15, 2011

wow this is just crazy

i've been so busy that i didn't have the time to buy  a few materials that i needed to finish this underbust corset, been making clothing for a while but im just starting in this corset making business and what i want to achieve  is to make affordable corsets with cute fabrics that's all...anyhow is so hard to buy boning, since any fabrics store carry that kind of steel bone around  i had to buy it over the internet, it was either too expensive or  really cheap with ourageous shipping and handling charges, common' i ship stuff all the time and  i know the prices that being said; i won't allow anybody to extra-charge me when i know this business. Finally i came across with a company that sells bones ( spiral and flat) pretty good prices and they are very honest about the shipping and handling charges however they did NOT have the bigger size of bones and that's no good. so i'll keep searching around to see if i find a good seller of corset making supplies...

Today is a boring day, it feels like a Sunday (and if by any change a person reading this knows me) should know i hate Sundays and i just wanna sleep until monday ha! but i have lots of responsabilities so i say to myself Hang in there! wish you all a happy weekend

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy New Year!

During the beginning of this year, many things have changed. im switching of career, im not longer into getting this Psychology Doctorate, so gonna get two years more  (probably Microbiology) and then going to Dental School  to become a Dentist. it has been tough but i know what's the best for me. Anyhow im finishing some new corsets then i'll work in some beautiful shirts design and i think i'll be ready to open my online store.

This is just a preview of this one underbust corset im making for a friend. is NOT done. it needs boning, eyelets, ribbon around the edges and many other things.

Well i'll be back sometime during this week to update this blog.