Friday, December 10, 2010

Adjustable Dressform - Small/Medium

This is what i want!... what i love the most is that is totally adjustable.

btw i'll be working with plus sizes as well****

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Old Design

Once again is too dark... difficult to appreciate the details.

Time is creeping up behind me

.... At the end of the day i get so little done, i have all these fabrics i need to work on, patterns to make and the visual part so i can offer my product. first to find models is Not easy at all (im working on that), This is a sneak- peak of this Pencil Skirt i made last week. this one is gonna be one of the designs i'll be offering for sale in my online store.

This is a better look at the two different type of fabrics that i have used, one is completly see-through, and of course just the sides were made with this fabrics.

is very difficult  to display the skirt, i don't own a mannequin dress form yet. hopefully soon.

The two photos im actually wearing this skirt but they are dark(Lack of light +iphone photo)
but that's an idea on how it should look. and yes is very comfy it doesn't feel tight, is almost like
body-paint like feeling lol.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Eyes of a Blue Dog

                                                               Eyes of a Blue Dog

by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

''Then she looked at me. I thought that she was looking at me for the first time. But then, when she turned around behind the lamp and I kept feeling her slippery and oily look in back of me, over my shoulder, I understood that it was I who was looking at her for the first time. I lit a cigarette. I took a drag on the harsh, strong smoke, before spinning in the chair, balancing on one of the rear legs. After that I saw her there, as if she'd been standing beside the lamp looking at me every night. For a few brief minutes that's all we did: look at each other. I looked from the chair, balancing on one of the rear legs. She stood, with a long and quiet hand on the lamp, looking at me. I saw her eyelids lighted up as on every night. It was then that I remembered the usual thing, when I said to her: 'Eyes of a blue dog.' Without taking her hand off the lamp she said to me: 'That. We'll never forget that.' She left the orbit, sighing: 'Eyes of a blue dog. I've written it everywhere.''

My Winter Pet-peeves

These Kind of winter boots are too much.

Second item that is a big NO NO ( in my opinion) are the ''aviators'' hats.

Last but not least :

Very Motivated

Hi! Welcome;

 (This is going to be extremenly short) I am Laureen and i recently decided to start designing and making clothing, i want to share my work/designs (and more) through this blog (hopefully soon). Thanks