Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Still up and working

Making a Pattern for a customer, this is quite exciting because is more than a corset ; is a corset dress.  i can't wait to get this done so i can move into the next step that is the mock up so she can try it on and from there i get to know if theres anything i need to fix. i like my customers to be happy.

i know this is random but hey im the queen of random crap!, dying my hair soon YES at 2:30am!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


These beads are G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S (Gah it was hard to type like that!! lol) anyhow pictures can't really show the color of these beads. i am known for wanting pretty beads, i can't work with beads/gems that are common or ''average'', i like everything that looks bright, beautiful, different... take a look at these ones (Above)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Important Information

Quick!, now im making corset tops for S39.99, any fabric that the customer wants, the  boning however is plastic, if the customer wants steel then is gonna cost more. i think customers don't realize how expensive it is. im a corset lover i have paid 400 and 500 hundred for a corset alone, yes! all the fabric, steel, work, pattern making and other materials are very expensive, the corset that people/stores sell for 40 or 50 aren't suitable for cinching (not steel just plastic) and the quality is NEVER the same.  im very flexible dear friends but it is what it is. If  a customer wants a real corset then this customer needs to be ready to pay from  $100 and up (trust me).  contact me :)  im always willing to help the customer by working out some sort of deal (from layway,payments, etc) so the customer is happy and able to buy a  product when is so pricey (i understand)

Stressy building my own web-store

Yes i am. The person that was supossed to help me out never did so im building it myself. anyhow can't wait to finish it, i'll be paying $10.00 a month (yahoo) and i don't need to compete with other sellers(etsy), no being able to sell all the things i want to sell (not only handmade) and last but not least paying 20 cents per item when i know im not getting any traffic at all, the clients i have are from all over but a random customer through etsy.

i feel that people just network, ''favorite'' other people stuff, copy other people ideas, pretty pictures, many time outrageous prices but traffic? i don't know. so i'll be keeping 4 to 5 items in there (just  in case) and for now on i have my own webstore, how cool is that? i chose pink, violet and white(website colors) im hoping to be done with it soon. well i just wanted to update my blog even though i don't know if anybody read this?