Monday, August 13, 2012

Web-Site is up and an important ''stuff''(paypal payment)

So finally the website is up and running glad very glad that i got done with that. even though i have to update it pretty much every week or every couple days.  regardles; i am happy.

Today i was thinking How can i explain customers that they don't need paypal to pay through paypal? Folks is the only gateway (that i have) to accept payments right now and seems that many people believe they need a Paypal account to pay through the service. that's why i took these screen shoots

if you don't have Paypal/hate Paypal
(or any other reason), just Check  this out:

Then you will get This page (screen shoot above): what i marked with color red that's the next step. once you click on that option you will get the form to pay with your Credit or Debit card. easy!:)